Black And White Photography


At Icon Photography School we teach our students techniques to greatly increase the quality of their black and white photographs.

Many photographers specialize in black and white photography due to its sheer power, elegance and beauty. However, it is important to note that black and white photography is not simply color photography with black and white film (or a black and white digital setting). Black and white photography has its own set of rules that it needs to abide by. Black and white photography, since it is colorless, needs to find other ways to set moods.

Tones are the most important element of black and white photography. As humans we don't really think about the world in tonal ranges. For us when we see light blue and then we look else where and see yellow, we are in fact seeing two different colors. However, when you take a black and white photograph with light blue and yellow in the same frame, the camera may not actually communicate the difference to your viewers since the colors have almost the exact same grey tone.

Here is a video about black and white photography:

Video by Karl Taylor

Here is a video about when to go black and white:

Video by Serge Remeli

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The incredible photograph above was taken by Ansel Adams.

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