Master Of Photography: Walker Evans

Walker Evans: American Photographs
"To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Museum of Modern Art's first solo photography show, MoMA brings back that landmark Walker Evans 1938 exhibition and its accompanying book."

Walker Evans in his own words

Let Us Now Praise Walker Evans
"Let Us Now Praise Walker Evans is a short documentary that depicts images from an exhibition of photographs by Walker Evans during his years at the Farm Security Administration, 1935-1938. Exhibition was available courtesy of Historical Image Research located in Austin, TX."

Documentarists and Ansel Adams
"These clips discuss the Documentarist photographers working for the US government during the Great Depression - Lange, Evans, etc., and the work of Ansel Adams in the Western US."

Collection Of Walker Evans Images

Sights and Sounds of the Farm Security Administration

"In the depths of the Great Depression of 1929, President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the Farm Security Administration. Within the FSA was a photography unit headed by economist Roy Stryker, consisting of now world renowned photographers such as Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans and Margaret Bourke White. Their assignment was to capture on film the deep poverty ravaging the nation, in order to convince the American people to support FDR's New Deal."

Walker Evans The Portraits

Walker Evans Colour (loud music)