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What Is The Icon Photography School?
The Icon Photography School is an online photography school. People sign up every day from all over the world to learn photography here.

How Does It Work?
Sign up here and you can start improving your photography instantly.

How Much Is It?
As little as $24.99/mo depending on which level you select. Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze and whether you choose a one time payment or monthly payments.

When Do I Start?
You can start right now. There are no deadlines. You can set your own pace here. Go slowly or blaze through it, it's up to you.

Why Should I Choose The Icon Photography School?

  • $1000s less than a college or university.
  • Immediate improvement in your photography.
  • Shoot a photography portfolio.
  • One on one attention.
  • Project based and not time based.
  • No waiting. Sign up and start right now.
  • Completion certificate.

Wait, I Have More Questions
Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us.

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