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photo by Duncan Rawlinson

The Icon Photography School is an online photography school.

People from all around the world learn how to take great photographs on this website!

How Does It Work?
Simply sign up, download the course material, and start learning photography right away! It's fun and you'll be joining people from all around the world. The course materials encourage you to get out and shoot your first assignment. Once you've shot your first images you upload them to this website and your photos will be critiqued by an instructor. This all happens inside the Student Workspace.

The Student Workspace and forum is the online community where our students download their digital lecture notes, take online quizzes, and upload their assignments for one on one analysis and feedback.

At the end of the course you'll have a completed photography portfolio and web presence. Upon successful completion of this exam you will receive a personalized course completion certificate as well.

What Will I Learn?
Throughout the course you will learn concepts that range in scope from beginner photography all the way to advanced topics in post production, composition, and light. The photography course is composed of 14 comprehensive lessons that will just about every single thing you need to know to make good photographs.

When Can I Start?
You can start right now. Like right this very moment! The course is all online. There are no deadlines or timelines for you to follow. Set your own pace! Go slowly through the course or blaze through it.

Project Based:
The Icon Photography School takes a project based approach to teaching photography. The focus is on the process of creation rather than simply testing theoretical and technical knowledge. There are some fun quizzes as part of the course framework but they are totally optional. The focus is on the student's performance in the field. With excellent one-on-one, personalized feedback on each of your lesson assignments you will progress very quickly.

Why Choose The Icon Photography School?

  • Hundreds or thousands of dollars less than college/university photography schools.
  • Immediate improvement in your photographs.
  • Build a photography portfolio.
  • Get one-on-one personalized attention.
  • Project based and not time based: You set your own pace without the pressure of deadlines!
  • No waiting. Join now and start right now.
  • Personalized certificate upon successful completion of the course.

More Questions?
Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page or even better email us!

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