Reply To: Lesson 1 Assignment

Duncan Rawlinson

Oh yes this is indeed much better.

Notice the slightly larger depth of field here.

Also notice how much cleaner the image is (less noise at lower ISO)

Try to remember always shoot at the lowest ISO you can given all else. In other words if you’re shooting something that does not move and you’re on a tripod you should try to shoot as low of an ISO as you possible can. Some cameras even have an ISO 50 setting…

What’re more for this type of symmetrical still life photograph you really want to take your time to ensure everything is lined up.

Many cameras will even overlay the rule on thirds on your camera screen. I think this video applies to your camera if not something similar will apply. These grids help for composition and lining things up!

Overall you’ve done a fantastic job. You are playing around and you have dramatically improved this one photograph just by making a few small changes.

Did you get yourself a copy of Lightroom yet?

Well done here

P.S. Nice usage of the word crisper here too. Nothing like a crisp apple! 🙂