Re: Re: 2nd submission

Duncan Rawlinson

This is exactly what I was looking for. A simplified outdoor photograph. Beautiful!
I am very impressed from your progression fro your last assignment to this one. I love how you’re playing with negative space, color simplification and object simplification.

You’ve also shown progression with your willingness to alter your perspective. This photograph is stunning. It almost looks like a painting and the clouds provide the perfect backdrop for this plant. In fact the clouds seem to be almost “molded” around the plant. You greatly go this shot at the perfect time. You’ve also managed to capture a the vibrancy of the blue in the sky. Did you use a polarizing filter for this? It’s great.

My one and only criticism of this photograph is you’ve “blown out” a small portion of it near the bottom. Being “blown out” is photography slang for being highly overexposed. When it happens you loose all detail in a white area. The challenging part is being able to identify the blown out part in your small LDC screen or viewfinder. Some cameras come with a ‘zebra’ setting which puts lines on any areas which are highly overexposed.

Your overexposed area is on the bottom, left hand side of the branch. If you look at it from different angles you’ll notice that is a spot about 0.5 inches wide by about 1 inch tall which is overexposed and lacks all details. It doesn’t look terrible at the picture size you have now, but if you enlarged this print it would look very distracting. It would look like a noticeable mistake if it was enlarged. Just be careful about that.

Otherwise, I love this shot. Great progression so far.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing your next assignment.