Re: Re: 3. shutter speed and depth of field

Duncan Rawlinson

Superb selection of images.

Let me begin by going through each image. Your first image shows your ability free a moment in time by using a quick shutter speed. My main concern with this image is that the horizon line is fairly centered which means your image doesn’t comply with the rule of thirds. It’s not wrong what you done. You’re allowed to break rules, but I think the image would be more dramatic if you moved your horizon line away from the center.

Your second image shows your technical ability to create the illusion of depth by using a shallow depth of field. Great work. What I love about this image the most is how complicated, yet organized the image is. You’ve managed to keep the image organized by using a limited array of colors. The image also maintains it’s dramatic look by using highly saturated and vibrant colors.

Your last image shows your technical ability to freeze movement in an abstract composition that focuses less on objects and spatial reality and more on shapes, colors, patterns and lines.

Overall, this is a great series of photographs. Keep up the good work.