Re: Re: #5

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Amy!!

Thanks for sending in yet another lovely assignment.

You’ll note that the first photo of the red pepers is slightly out of focus. When you are out runnin and gunnin and you can’t setup a tripod you can cheat a little and crank up your ISO to compensate for camera shake. This will make your images sharper but it will also introduce more noise into your images.

Also the saturation is also a little bit too intense in this image. You will find some digital camera sensors cannot handle too much of a certian color. It’s quite technical really but every now and then you may need to tone down the saturation of an image to make it appear more natural. There is a discussion of this here:

In your second image you have a sharper image and the colors are nice.

In fact in both images you have shown that you can simplify using color which is good.

But I also want you to remember your first assignment. What makes this image particularly interesting?! Would you hang this photo on your wall?!

I know you can create powerful visual images that are more interesting than this!

Obviously it’s a tough thing to do but I know you can!

Don’t forget to set your white balance by hand. Notice how the red peppers in your first image are a bit purpleish? That’s because your white balance is slightly off.

Here are a couple examples of similar subjects for you to study:

photo by werms

photo by Daveness_98

Nice job here Amy and I will see on you on the next assignment!