Re: Re: 8 Pointed Star

Duncan Rawlinson

We’re not sure exactly which filter was used here but if you went out and shot a photo with your favourite filter then job well done, you’ve done the assignment!

The problem with this photo is that you’ve forgotten about the previous lessons.

There is no composition here or interesting visual elements. This photo features an artifact of the type of lens/filter/camera you’re using. Would one of the great masters from lesson 2 have shot an image like this? No!

We’re being hard on you because we want to you to shoot great photos! So don’t be afraid to submit another shot for this assignment if you like.

Better yet, just spend some time shooting with this filter and create an image that has a little more to it. Maybe try using this 8 pointed star to highlight the most important part of your image.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with.

The most important thing is to enjoy shooting great photos.

Keep it up!