Re: Re: Advanced Comp

Duncan Rawlinson

As I mentioned, this is really nice. It has a nice radiance to it and I’m very impressed!

There are a few minor things about this photograph that I don’t like but they are very minor. This is a beautiful photograph! Good job! 😀

It looks like this was shot at ISO 800 and f/4. Now you’ll note that this ISO you get a bit of noise. But it looks like it has been photoshopped or filtered out in some way so that’s good. But a better option would be a lower ISO given that nothing is really moving and you’re on a tripod…

Compositionally the photograph is excellent except for one thing. The ‘amputation’ of the foot. I’m not sure what the advantage of cropping the foot here is but I feel that it detracts from the image.

Also the model’s pose is nice except that she is looking away from camera. Obviously this is subjective but I would rather see her eyes than not.

It’s hard to keep it all in mind when you’re shooting but the minor tweak of the foot, the ISO, and the models pose.

Overall this is a really good photograph and I’m happy with what you’ve done here.

Look how far you’ve come!!!