Re: Re: Advanced Composition

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Michael,

Thanks for sending in your advanced composition assignment.

I’m very impressed with your submission. It has a very interesting look and it’s beauty is subtle and refined. Your work has certainly progressed dramatically as you’ve moved through the course.

This photography is delightful.

Although it certainly has a eery quality to it and it’s a nice image I think there are a few minor tweaks to improve the image.

For one I can’t figure out what that thing is blocking the chair.

I would have removed that item (if possible)

Also, placing the chair itself in the light could have been ideal as well. Sort of like this:

Photo by crsan

Also if possible adding some smoke or dust to the air certainly adds an element of mystery to the frame and would catch any light.

Also I understand the darkness of the image but this is borderline underexposed.

Given all that the image is still quite nice.

I’m happy with the progress you’ve made and you are one of the best students.

How is your underwater photography coming along?