Re: Re: APC

Duncan Rawlinson

Thanks for submitting your assignment.

First things first.

This is MUCH better!

Here’s a couple quick notes on it:


1. Sensor Dust.
Your sensor or your lens is dirty! This is really annoying for all photographers and it can be hard to detect. You may have to clean your lens or your sensor.

2. Potential crop.
Often shooting in portrait instead of landscape is more ideal for things that are quite vertical and tall in nature. This is a potential crop or another way you could have shot this image. (like most things this is quite subjctive)

3. Distracting element.
Each time I look at this image my brain wants to see the three blades on the windmill. My brains somehow sees the item circled as one of the blades and it confuses me. Sometimes this happens but you have to keep simplicity in mind when you shoot. Think to yourself: ‘how could this image be made simpler and more effective.’ In this case it could have been by moving this item out of the frame.

4. Out of focus element.
The out of focus element in the foreground is also a bit distracting. It’s cut off and out of focus and as such it doesn’t really need to be there.

Overall this is a MUCH better image.

Good job!