Re: Re: Assignmenet 1

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi there,

Thanks for submitting your first assignment. You’ve already won half the battle of improving your images. You’ve started!!! Most people want to do this but they never actually take action and follow through.

The first assignment is really about seeing the world in a different way. Photographers do see the world in a different way then the rest of society. Photographers see light, textures, patterns, and every waking moment as a potential opportunity for a photograph. Over time as you shoot more and more you will learn this skill. And make no mistake seeing the world this way is a skill.

The general population often believes all you need is a good camera and you’ll get a good image. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Good images come from people who see the world and make use of their tools to capture that.

One of the best hacks for seeing the world differently is what this assignment suggests, just changing your perspective and moving around. At first this feels a bit uncomfortable but over time you will learn this habit. Most of the great images are not shot at eye level with a the thing in the middle of the frame…

In your images you’ve photographed an object that is mundane and you’ve made it interesting by positioning yourself and your camera in a different way. This is great and you’ve done really well here. The trick here is to remember this in your images going forward. You will find that if you just ‘work the scene’ a little you can often come up with a nice photo in situations where you wouldn’t think it would be possible.

Move around, use your body, change up your perspective and stand in a good spot.

I also like that you’ve done all of this and you’ve gotten close to your subject.

Well done!!!


See you on assignment 2.