Duncan Rawlinson

Hello. Great first assignment. You’ve done an incredible job with this assignment. Let’s start by talking about your “beast” photograph. For starters, it isn’t a bad photograph. However, what’s interesting is that you’ve composed the image in such a way that sucks the life out of the image. The image is flat and perfectly balanced. However, the rest of the composition is fine. It’s just a little bland. This is a common problem for a lot of photographers. In your second image however, by simply playing with the placement of objects, chancing your special location (i.e. distance and angle from the subject) you’ve breathed a sense of life into the image.

The biggest highlight, and one of the most important features of your “beauty” image is the sense of depth. While your first image lacks any sense of depth, your second image has a strong foreground, a middle ground and a background. This helps create the illusion of a 3rd dimension and makes your image feel more lively. You’ve also used a simple background with great color control and simplicity while at the same time using a shallow depth of field to help isolate the importance of your foreground. So while you background provides context, it doesn’t distract or “up-stage” your foreground.

The only major change I would make would be to slightly change your position. The right wall of your photograph has “amputated” (cut off) a sliver of the shoe. This looks a little accidental to me because the amputation was so small. To me it looks as though you were not paying attention to that particular wall of your image. The left side is fine in my opinion because you’ve cut off more of the shoe in a reasonable spot. However, I would consider at least bringing in the whole shoe on the right hand side. I would also experiment with bringing both shoes fully into the frame so there is no amputation. Just be extra careful about composition and the objects around the 4 walls of your photographs in the future.

Other than that… Great photograph! I look forward to seeing your next assignment.