Re: Re: Assignment 1

Duncan Rawlinson

Wonderful first assignment. It took me a little bit of time to figure out the geography of the photograph. It’s a very interesting lighting fixture!

The “beast” image has many of the problems present in many photographers work. It’s important to identify mistakes in your work even when they are intentional as in the case with this assignment. Going through this process with your own photography makes you more careful in future compositions which is why I’ll spend some time pointing out the errors in the “beast” photograph even though you intentionally captured the image with the errors present.

1. You’ve amputated (i.e. cut off) some primary and secondary elements around the 4 walls of the photograph. For example, look at the top wall of the photograph and notice how you’ve included a small piece of hanging chain. This secondary element doesn’t help enhance your story and serves no visual purpose. It simply looks sloppy and accidental. This is just 1 of the many amputations happening throughout this photograph.

This problem isn’t present in your ‘beauty” image. The image has been simplified and you’ve planned your composition not only in the center of the frame, but you’ve also spent the time to compose the 4 edges of the photograph as well.

2. You haven’t identified a theme or a story for your “beast” image. The shot captures a room, lighting, random object and so on. However, my eye quickly wanders in and out of the photograph because there is no “stopper”. Nothing to explore in an organized manner and no story.

Your second image however, corrects this by directing its focus on the boats. These boats hold my attention and my eye wanders around the photograph exploring the story of the shot.

3. You have no identifiable color palette in your “beast” image. The color spectrum is made up of every imaginable color and it further complicates and disorganizes your composition.

In your “beauty” image however, you’ve limited your color palette to blacks and beiges. This helps further organize your composition and it helps your audience easily explore the photograph.

Overall, great work. You’ve accomplished exactly what this assignment asked for you to accomplish.