Re: Re: Assignment 1

Duncan Rawlinson

What a wonderful example of turning the dull into the exciting. My initial reaction to this assignment was very positive. I am incredibly impressed with this photograph in its use of props and image manipulation (i.e. The magnify glass).

Your first image is a great example of a dull photograph. It completely lacks focus, direction, a main area of interest and the composition is dull and disorganized. It’s also chaotic in terms of its color spectrum and the 4 walls of your photography amputate (cut off) important elements to the picture which is distracting to the viewer’s eye. This photograph would easily be passed over in a photography showing simply because it lacks a memorable “tone” or a message.

Your second image is spectacular. It is clear, simple and precise. From a composition standpoint it’s also very well done. Although normally you wouldn’t place your main object, in this case the magnify glass, and text “bailout” in the dead center, in this case it works because it adds additional emphasis. The circular shape of the magnify glass also helps the centered main object feel dramatic.

Secondly, the handle of the magnify glass acts as a leading line into the photograph. You haven’t got to the lesson on line and shape yet, but leading lines help bring the viewers eye into the photograph. The purpose of a leading line is to draw their attention to a main area of interest in the photograph. You’ve done that perfectly in this photograph. The magnify glass is a brilliant idea. The lighting and color control in this photograph is also very well done.

By limiting the assortment of colors you allow into your “pallet” you effectively simplify your photograph while at the same time making it more visually appealing and dramatic.

Congratulations on a great first assignment. This really showcases not only your compositional talent but also your artistic talent. I look forward to seeing your next assignment.