Re: Re: assignment #1: Beast to Beauty

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Dessy,

Welcome to the forum! Hopefully you’re having fun playing around on here.

I think you might have misunderstood this first assignment though. The assignment is to find something mundane and try to make it look interesting. In this case you’ve shot an antique doorknob and key which is actually interesting on its own.

So, If you could re-shoot this using a “boring” object if you will that’d be great. If you don’t want to no worries just let me know. I just find people get more out of this first exercise if they go through it the way it was designed.

Also it’s best if you get your lesson critiqued before you move onto the next one.

Also one last thing, you posted you assignment as a reply to the “read first section” by mistake I think. I have moved it to the lesson 1 one section.

To keep this place organized just go into the particular lesson you’re working on and click new topic. It’s not ideal I know but it’s what we have to work with 😉

Looking forward to working with you and helping you through the course.