Re: Re: Assignment #1: Beauty and Beast

Duncan Rawlinson

Hello and thank you for submitting this assignment.

You’re off to a great start. Your first image of the “beast” uses no layers, contains errors in the exposure of the flash in the reflection of the light switch, and generally has an overall flat composition. Not only that, but the composition is perfectly formal (i.e. Balanced), which gives the image a bit of a lifeless feel.

Your second image however, corrects many of these issues. Instead of shooting your object straight on, you’ve moved your position which has allowed you to provide the illusion of depth through the use of slanted lines. This new sense of perspective and the incorporation of layers helps your image to be more engaging.

My main concern with your “beauty” image, is the reflection in the light switch. I can see windows through this reflection and I don’t reel feel t his adds to what you’re trying to communicate. This also happened in your first image where you flashed caused a small part of the light switch to be overexposed (photographers refer to these as “burnt out” or “blown out” areas). It’s a technical mistake that you should try to avoid in the future.

Other than that, you’ve off to a great start. You’ve accomplished exactly what was asked of you for this assignment!

Great work.