Re: Re: Assignment 10

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work. Both images are very interesting. It’s great to see two images side by side that showcase the different tones that are communicated through warm colors and cooler colors. Your first image has strong orange components and the second image is composed predominantly of blue hues.

I feel that the second image is strong in it’s composition because it uses depth, a balanced horizon line, frame within a frame composition (i.e. the branches act as a frame in the corners of the photograph), as well as the strategic use of lines and shapes.

The first photograph is slightly flatter in its composition and the unbalanced horizon line is a little distracting. Notice how the horizon line is slanted downwards towards the left? I think you should try and re-balance that line to aid your composition.

Although these are small details, they have a profound impact on your final product.

Other than that, both of these photographs are great. Keep up the good work.