Re: Re: Assignment #10

Duncan Rawlinson

Gorgeous work!

My initial reaction to this photograph was very positive. The subtle atmosphere in the image slightly mutes the colors and gives the image a somewhat gentle quality to it.

As the image progress toward the background the atmosphere’s muting effect becomes more noticeable. However, what’s most interesting is that it’s not apparent in the foreground so you have a very sharp, highly saturated colors in the foreground. The end result is a beautiful gradient of color saturation that’s not very common in any photograph.

The foreground of this image is breathtaking. The greens really jump off the screen. Even though they are quite distant, your sharp focus coupled with the gentle side lighting has created an enormous amount of texture and contrast.

The colors themselves are also very dramatic, and even though you only use a handful of colors the range of each color in the palette is spectacular. Even the browns show such range and texture. However, it’s really the greens, and in particular the light greens that really catch my eye.

The only recommendation I would give is to experiment with your horizon line. What you’ve done isn’t wrong, but you did break the rule of thirds by putting your horizon line right in the middle of the composition. I think more foreground and less sky (if possible) would have served this composition well.

Great work! Thank you for submitting this assignment.