Re: Re: assignment 10

Duncan Rawlinson


I really like seeing your experimentation with this image. Not only are your frame dimensions unique, but you’re use of space within the composition is also very brave.

Essentially, you’ve challenged, or maybe more accurately “exaggerated” the rule of thirds by making your sky take up a disproportionate part of the composition. However, this looks intentional and well thought out. My guess is the texture, colors and shapes in the sky were more interesting that the shapes and objects below. You’ve taken advantage of that by exaggerating the sky.

However, you haven’t neglected the lower part of your composition. You’ve used “line” as the primary design element below providing your audience with a leading line helping draw their attention into the frame.

Most impressively is your ability to simplify such a large space not only through the use of strategic composition and negative space, but also through the use of a simplified color palette. It appears the image is slightly edited, but I get the impression that the color palette of the natural environment was fairly consistent in its color simplicity as well.

Great job with this assignment. In my opinion, this is your strongest photograph yet!