Re: Re: Assignment 10 cityscape

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Tammy,

I hate to blunt and don’t take this the wrong way but I didn’t point out anything I liked because there wasn’t really anything I liked about it. Maybe I was just in a bad mood but I think the fact that it was a scanned image, crookedly scanned, with dust on it sort of bothered me for some reason. I think it’s because I’ve had so many students cherry picked photos from their library to fit the assignments instead of going out and shooting the assignments… This is the first time you’ve done that and it’s fine because you don’t live near a city. It jut gets to me after a while because I don’t feel students learn very well when they do this…

So my apologies for this less than stellar critique.

The blurry flowers could have been shot this way to help establish depth and organze the frame. They also provide somewhat of a foreground feeling. Although photographers usually don’t do this for cityscape or landscape photos. Usually shooting at a with maximum depth of field is the way to go. That way everything is in focus.

It’s one of the basic things about photography, that is, to achieve a good photograph you often have to incorporate a solid foreground, mid ground, and background. And trust me, this is not as easy as it sounds…

The photo you submitted for assignment 7 is nice and it uses the ‘frame within a frame’ technique. My concern with this image is that the “frame” part is dominating the photograph. In other words it’s sort of fighting with itself. It’s not clear what’s the main area of interest..

Either way it’s a nice image and always use reflections like this to your advantage!

Onward! 😉