Re: Re: Assignment 10 – Lake Bohinj

Duncan Rawlinson

That’s one of the benefits of learning online… You can take your time and go at a pace that suits you.

I enjoy and the stark minimalism of both of these images.

Sometimes landscape photos that are shot in portrait really work nicely. In most cases landscape shots that are done in portrait usually have a stunning foreground visual element of some kind.

For example:
[attachment=2:3e1akim3]landscape photo shot in portrait 1.jpg[/attachment:3e1akim3]
photo by Gemma Stiles

[attachment=1:3e1akim3]landscape photo shot in portrait 2.jpg[/attachment:3e1akim3]
photo by Gemma Stiles

[attachment=0:3e1akim3]landscape photo shot in portrait 3.jpg[/attachment:3e1akim3]
photo by seyed mostafa zamani

Take note of how this type of composition really works due to the strong foreground visual elements.

In your images in you have attempted a similar idea but the foreground elements just aren’t as interesting… Don’t get me wrong I like the simplistic monochromatic nature of these images they’re just missing that little something special.

Perhaps next time just get closer to something nice looking and place it in the foreground.

Also be careful with camera shake on these.

Nice job here.