Re: Re: Assignment 10 Landscape or Cityscape

Duncan Rawlinson

Great photograph.

This assignment asked that you take a cityscape or landscape and incorporate the technical and artistic elements learnt in your previous lessons into this lesson. Looking at this image I see many of the elements that you brought forward.

For starters, your framing is very unique. You’ve used the two large trees to the right and the left to act as a “frame within a frame”. This helps focus the viewer’s attention on what’s between those two trees. Those two trees also help create a middle-ground. This helps ensure that your photograph has depth because you have a very clear foreground and background as well. This gives the viewer the feeling of “being there” and experiencing this moment with you.

You’ve also simplified the colors of the photograph. The primary colors of this image are varying gradients of green from light to dark. This further helps simplify the image and helps make an otherwise complex image easier to understand.

My only concern with this image is that the eye is drawn towards the two trees but there is no “stopper” to hold our eyes within the photograph. It lacks an object or idea to hold our attention. You do a great job of leading our eye into this photograph, but once our eyes are inside they just wander around looking for a place to rest. A element (possibly your foreground) needs to be more pronounced in order to hold your viewer’s attention.

Other than that this is a great photograph! I look forward to seeing your next assignment.