Re: Re: Assignment 10 submission

Duncan Rawlinson

Wow. I can’t believe those colors were actually there in the sky without the use of a filter. Those are incredibly vibrant colors even as far as sunsets go. Talk about being at the right place at the right time.

There are obviously a look of good technical and artistic features to this photograph. Let me begin by discussing some of the highlights of this photograph.

For starters, your composition is great. You’ve abided by the rule of thirds and the golden mean. Secondly, you’ve incorporated the idea of using a color palette and minimizing the use of colors to help create a tone.

If you’ve ever seen the Film “Amelie”, look out for how the director uses a color palette of green and red. This film won numerous awards for it’s cinematography. However, unfortunately filmmakers and photographers don’t often pay attention to their color palette. It’s nice to see you are! But I still do recommend looking at that film though. The color palette was inspired by a painter who uses green an red in his images and then adds one contrasting color (like a blue lamp) to help enhance the image.

I also like how there is a slightly amount of detail and texture in the foreground. I am curious to know what is there and it would have been nice to throw some soft flash on it to brighten it a bit without overexposing the sky, but if you were not working with flash, then I think you made the right choice.

Great work!