Re: Re: assignment #11

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work on this assignment!

You’ve managed to incorporate many great photographic design elements into this composition.

Let’s start by deconstructing the technical components of this shot.

For starters, you’ve managed to design a composition with a strong sense of depth. The boat acts as the foreground object, the water as your middle-ground and the mountains and sky act as the background.

Most importantly however, there is an overall sense of a cohesive tone and each layer consists of their own design elements. For example, line and shape play a huge role in this composition. Again, when we examine your foreground we see the use of lines in the casing of the boat. In your middle-ground the waves caused by the boat create something close to a “leading” line, which helps guide your viewer’s eyes to the background of your composition. Without those waves / lines, your middle ground would be “dead space”. Water is notorious for being boring unless you find texture, reflection, color or depth.

Your background uses shape as its primary design element and it also helps “weight” your composition to the right which gives the photograph an informal balance, which helps make it more dramatic and interesting.

What I like most about your background through, are your colors. This photograph has a very “cool” feel to it, consisting mostly of blue and white hues. However, the sunset in the background gives a small orange highlight which really jumps out. It’s not the biggest color in terms of space, but the colors are complimentary and dramatic. Great work!