Re: Re: Assignment 2

Duncan Rawlinson

Nice job here.

You already know your area of interest and given that you’re ahead of the game. The assignment’s purpose is for you to find what inspires you about photography. Many people point to Ansel Adams as their inspiration for photography because he is without a doubt one of the greatest photographers of all time. He was obsessed with detail and achieving perfection in his work and it shows.

If you want to shoot like him you’ll have to be prepared to go out and shoot in bad weather and bring your equipment to remote places. In fact over time you will learn that bad weather is your friend. Obviously you have to be very very careful and always tell people where you are…

If you want to explore landscape photography specifically you’ll want to learn some of the following:

    Learn what makes for a great landscape photo.
    Learn leading lines.
    Learn how to achieve interesting foreground, midground, and background in the same image.
    Learn S curves.
    Learn how to achieve maximum depth of field on your capture device.
    Learn how to achieve razor sharp images.
    Learn how and where to place your tripod.
    Learn all the rules, and then learn how to break them!

All of this comes with practice and you will figure all of this out.

As they say, your first 10000 images are your worst.

At this stage I wouldn’t limit yourself to shooting black and white images. With current technology and color science it’s possible to create really stunning works with color. You can always convert them to black and white later.

Nice job here. I look forward to helping you.