Re: Re: Assignment 2

Duncan Rawlinson


Great assignment!

I few things immediately stood out for me. For one this line:

I still like simple

Truer words have never been spoken! There is so much complexity and visual noise in the world that one of the best ways to create a nice photograph is to just erase everything that isn’t essential from your frame. Be relentless and take away everything that isn’t essential. In some situations this is just not possible. In others it’s all about being in the right place and composing your image properly.

There is something to be said for stark clean images like this:

[attachment=1:23y3ko6p]minimal landscape 2969989934_3c6092d8c5_b.jpg[/attachment:23y3ko6p]
photo by lrargerich

[attachment=0:23y3ko6p]minimal landscape 6562432801_4253b827c6_b.jpg[/attachment:23y3ko6p]
photo by zachd1_618

If this kind of simplicity inspires you I would work toward that goal of total subtraction and reduction. In the image above there is only sky and field! And in the other just mountains and sky. Amazing!

Another thing caught my eye in your assignment:

I will never be an artist like Herring

This is true you can only ever be yourself because everyone else is taken! But I don’t like the subtext here that you’ll never be as great as something… I will not tolerate this kind of self doubt. LOL! 😉

I hope to take photographs that can be simple yet enlist emotions

One way to achieve this is through portraiture and dramatic landscapes. Often super clean and tight portraits of fascinating people will get you there. I hope this assignment has achieved the goal of getting you to refine why you’re even interested in photography and to focus on what inspires you.

As a general tip around here I would suggest you avoid looking at other students’ assignments. When people do that they kind of just copy what others are doing. Don’t limit yourself in this way!!!

See you on the next assignment.

Nice work.