Re: Re: Assignment 2 by cjw

Duncan Rawlinson

hello and thank you for sharing this with us.

Now I would like to share something with you. You mentioned you admire landscape / nature photography and images that are not overly edited in post-production.

Please take the time to research the award winning photographer named Jitka Hanzlova.

some quotes about here work

– “in Jika’s pictures there is no welcome. They have taken from the inside. The deep inside of a forest, perceived like the inside of a glove by a hand within it.

– “I went to the forest-hills early in the morning when the forest awakes. Standing there I breathed in the wind, the unruffled voices of the birds and the silence which I love. And then when I was concentrating on a picture, I stopped hearing the silence around me. It was as if I was somewhere else, like in a film. The forest started t move and, as I looked through the camera I experienced fear.”

(Jitka Hanzlova, quoted in John Berger’s Hold Everything Dear).

“The longer one looks at Jitka Hanzlova’s pictures of a forest, the clearer it becomes that a break-out from the prison of modern time is possible. The dryads beckon. You may slip between – but unaccompanied.”

I hope you find some inspiration in this artists work

I look forward to seeing your next assignment.