Re: Re: Assignment 2: Inspiration

Duncan Rawlinson

Thanks for sending in your inspiration.

I haven’t heard of this photographer but that doesn’t really matter! What matters is that you have found someone who inspires you.

What’s more you personally know this photographer! If I was you I would offer to be their assistant or just offer help so you can learn from her.

Most people’s inspiration comes from people who are either dead or super famous. Those categories of people are hard to get in touch with… 😉

If you’re into portraits I would also recommend you spend some time learning about Yousuf Karsh.

Finally, this lesson is not about writing essays… Obviously that’s not entirely relevant. It’s about getting you to learn from people who inspire you. It’s also about getting you to refine the way you think about photography and learn more about your interests in photography.

The fact that you know you’re interested in portraits is great! You can now explore that path!

I look forward to your next submission.

Thank you.