Re: Re: Assignment 2 “migrant mother” Dorothea Lange

Duncan Rawlinson

This is one of the great photographs of history. It pretty much encapsulates that entire period of time history. It is a remarkable image.

Many students have chosen this exact image as their inspiration and for good reason, it’s a remarkably powerful photography and it changed history by bringing attention to the plight of these folks. You can learn more about Dorothea here.

The most interesting thing about this photograph to me is that it’s been photoshopped! 😮

If you look closely you can see that her thumb has been edited out from the bottom right of the frame. Obviously it wasn’t done with photoshop but you get the idea, even back then people we’re dodging, burning, and editing their images like this.

You can see a larger version of this image on the photojournalism page.

What’s also interesting to think about is that the significance of this image has only grown more important over time as not only a historical artififact but a great photograph. When you are shooting keep this in mind, the current significance of your image will change over time potentially becoming more or less significant over time. Hopefully more significant.

I look at my images in the past and I’m sometimes embarrassed by how bad they are. But most of the time I feel good knowing that I was there, I shot that and that’s in my image library! All of that said the goal here is to know what inspires you and to keep learning from the work of others.

You don’t have to change the world with your images but your work certainly has the potential to do that if you work hard enough.

Nice job here, your piece was well thought out and I liked it.

Onto the next assignment.