Re: Re: Assignment #3

Duncan Rawlinson

Wonderful work!

These two photographs showcase exactly what was asked from you for this assignment. Your first image of the fireworks shows the illusion of movement by showing trailing lights.

Your second image shows the illusion of depth by using a shallow depth of field and layers. Not only has the shallow depth of field help you isolate your main subject away from the background and provide depth, but you’ve also used multiple layers (i.e. foreground, background) to give the image a feeling of 3 dimensions even though photography is only a 2 dimensional medium. Great work.

As far as composition goes, both images are very well done. Your first image relies on a more formal balance, while your second image uses more informal balance in its composition.

Equally impressive with both photographs is your ability to limit your color palette. Your first image is composed of black and gradients of red and orange. This dramatic, high contrast, yet simple color palette ensures that you have a clean and well communicated composition.

Your second image uses gradients of earth and skin tones to create a very natural and gentle feel to the composition.

Well done!