Re: Re: Assignment 3-Movement/DoF


Oh, no biggie! 🙂 I can definitely see how that happens…especially with so many assignments to follow up on.

The 3rd image..I’m about 95% sure that was on automatic setting. It was just a cool accident.

The first image, I believe I had it set on “shutter speed priority”…yet, since I am always switching to different settings to try things out and taking LOTS of photos at one time..I’m not for sure.

The 2nd image, I had it set on macro and adjusted a few things..including the zoom. I “assumed” the macro setting is an asset(if you will) to the DoF. I could totally be way off here..but that is my impression.

You see, I own a Sony Cybershot DSC H2…Which was given to me without a book, strap or anything…so, I am kinda lost on whether or not I am able to go in and change things in the menu. I have searched through the menu many times, but there is not much there to adjust or that I understand rather. Unless I am missing something?
Anywhoo, I usually only adjust buttons(dial) on top of my camera and am very limited on what to choose from.(Twilight, portrait, landscape, beach, etc. options)
Any suggestions are surely welcome. 🙂
I am working towards purchasing a DSLR sometime soon I suggestions there are also welcome!
I want to go very in depth into photography(I would eventually like to work toward a degree, when my son starts school!)..I have always loved taking photos, yet have a hard time grasping all of the concepts. I have mostly just relied on my “eye for it” and editing abilities(that’s a lot of the “fun” part for me.) …I have been showing my photos for awhile now actually. :geek: You can see some here!
I joined this community to get serious..and am very determined to learn lots of things that have “fallen through the cracks” for me too. 😉