Re: Re: Assignment 3-Movement/DoF


Yay, so I had a friend help me out..and I found a manual online (on a Sony UK site go I see that there is a way to use the manual dial to change some settings? I think I read that right…anyway..I would love a critique on these images since I did do them for this lesson..but if you think it would be in my best interest, I can take a different set while figuring out these settings that I didn’t know existed! I’m pretty excited to figure out my camera does more than what I thought…I thought it was just a regular old limited point and shoot..and dslr’s were the only types that you could set differently…but guess I was wrong…

Haha, and when I stated earlier I used “Shutter speed priority”..I was under the assumption that meant I was adjusting the shutter speed manually..only to figure out, I have to change those settings myself first and the dial is just a quick way to get to the setting you previously had it on. (If that makes sense.) I think my light bulb may have went least I hope! 😆

Anyway, whatever you think is best..just let me know!

Again thanks!