Re: Re: Assignment 3-Movement/DoF


Haha…Well turns out I was also(confused ).
I thought I explained about the automatic and manual part of the photos in my first response. They probably were(shot in auto), except for the one being shot in shutter speed priority(is that an auto setting? and I am just being dumb?) and the 2nd one I shot in macro(I was under the impression that changed the DoF)

I assume I am just confusing you more since I was totally confused about my camera. I have found an online manual for my camera and figured out I am able to change these settings(shutter and aperture). I do want a serious critique and I didn’t know my equipment well enough, so if it’s ok with you I would like to re-do the assignment.

Should I post them here(In this post) or make a new one..when I am ready to submit? (If I am allowed to do so.)

and sorry about all the confusion!