Re: Re: Assignment 3-Movement/DoF

Duncan Rawlinson

Every camera has it’s own quirks and settings so learning one specific camera will help improve your photos but it won’t really improve your overall photography.

I recommend you try to understand what your camera is doing and what you can make it do than the specific settings and modes.

Shutter priority usually just means you control the shutter speed of the camera and the camera sets everything else.
Aperture priority is the same. You control the aperture and the camera controls everything else.

These are pretty handy modes for this assignment in particular.

You can use shutter priority to shoot a relatively slow shutter and achieve a nice motion blur. You can also use aperture priority to achieve shallow depth of field…

In your first photograph there is boy running toward the camera. What happened here was that your camera probably tried to autofocus and by the time the photo was taken the boy had moved so far that he was now out of focus. This is because it was shot at 1/40th of a second at f2.8 For that reason the boy is slightly out of focus…

In any case its a decent photograph it’s just in focus and that’s important for a good image!

Your photograph of the flower does feature shallow depth of field and it is sound from a compositional standpoint. You’ve focused the viewer’s eye on the main area of interest so that’s good and it meets the criteria for the assignment.

You last photograph features a boy on the move. It has a motion blur look to but the boy is also out of focus.

Achieving a nice motion blur photo is not easy. The best thing to do is to manual focus on your subject and be at a right angle to them as they go by. Having your camera on burst mode with help. Fire away and match your panning motion speed with their speed.

The main thing here is that you are playing with your settings. Play and experimentation is the key to learning photography.

See you on the next assignment! 😀