Re: Re: Assignment #4 Lenses & Filters

Duncan Rawlinson

Great photographs.

Both of these shots are very strong. You’ve done so many things right with both of these photographs both technically and artistically.

Both images have strong composition. Both abide by the rule of thirds and have well placed horizon lines. More impressively is your limited color palettes considering the large landscapes you were photographing. This limited color palette of green, purple and blue really helps to simplify your photograph and isolate the important parts of the photograph. I find this particularly true with regards to your first image, where the purple adds a dramatic, almost surprising, splash of color to the shot. Not only that, but you’ve managed to double its weight by using the reflection of those flowers in the water. This also helps make an otherwise flat or lifeless river come to life. Great work.

As you’ve stated you were also able to incorporate a strong sense of depth into these photograph, not by using a shallow depth of field, but by ensuring you had different objects placed at different layers in the photograph. Both of your photographs have a identifiable foreground, middle ground and background.

My only concern with the second image (Lake and Sky) is that the color appear a bit washed out. Your foreground colors are very strong, but because of the time of day and the direction of the lighting your middle ground and background are a little washed out. Your UV filter helped make this less dramatic than it would have been otherwise, but I think it was inevitable in this shot just based on the atmosphere and time of day. Sometimes playing with exposure can help you draw out darker tones in the background (just be very careful on what effect that has on the exposure of the objects in your foreground).

Otherwise, great work. Your first image, in particular is spectacular.

Keep up the great work.