Re: Re: Assignment 4 submission

Duncan Rawlinson

Spectacular photograph! The texture and color of the trees and branches looks really magical. Let me begin with some of the main highlights of this photograph. For starters, your composition is very clean and well organized. There is no amputated objects, you have great color control and color limitation and you have sufficient depth (a foreground, mid-ground and background) which helps give the feeling of “being there”. It also helps create more dramatic and less flat images.

Another great feature of this photograph is the small sun (or snow) highlights on the tips of the mountains in the background. These help give the mountain range shape and make them stand out in your photograph. Because of these small highlights the audience can see the slopes and complexity of this range. I really love this little detail.

My only concern is that your horizon line is in the dead center. This isn’t necessarily wrong, but I think you have some potential in the foreground to add a little more, take a bit of the sky out and push your horizon line lower (which will also make the photograph abide by the rule of thirds).

But that is just a suggestion you can play around with.

Great work!