Re: Re: Assignment 5

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work Melissa. Very impressive and rewarding to look at. I had a very good first impression of this photograph. It was a true pleasure to examine and think about. Your colors are incredibly rare and your saturation is very high which leads to some interesting results. I’m not sure you’ve created this effect in camera or in post production, but I like it.

What this assignment called for was a photograph which showcased your ability to color simplify. At this point, you should be incorporating all of the knowledge from the previous lessons into your assignment and you’ve done that with this photograph. The flowers are positioned in a way that uses informal balance that abides by the rule of thirds. Your horizon line (the bottom of the fence) is located 2/3rds up the frame and your fence creates a very simplified pattern and monochromatic background. Not only that, but it blends in with the grass in the foreground and mid-ground. Speaking of which, you’ve also very wisely included a clear foreground and added depth by showing a background in the distance. This creates the feeling of depth which gives ensures your photograph doesn’t appear flat or 2 dimensional. Your lighting is also great and the texture of the flowers is spectacular.

I think you’ve done a great job with this photograph!

I look forward to seeing your next assignments!