Re: Re: Assignment 5

Duncan Rawlinson

You’ve done a great job with the technical components of this photograph. This assignment asked that you organize the color within your natural environment. This is not an easy task because photographers tend not to think about color theory. That being said color theory is as important to photographers as it is to painters. Our natural world is made up of an assortment of brilliant colors. It’s the photographer’s job to identify those color opportunities and use their knowledge of composition to shape the color and objects in an interesting and well composed frame. You’ve definitely done that in this photograph. You’ve limited your main color palette to just two main colors: red and beige.

However, you must remember that as you progress through the lessons you must take the knowledge from your previous lessons forward with you. Again, this is no easy task. To think about color, shape, the rule of thirds, lighting, object composition, depth, shadows and lines in a slit second is something that takes a long time and a lot of mistakes before you accomplish.

In this photograph you’ve done a great job of getting the color limitation down, but the right wall of your photograph amputated part of a person and a stroller. This is easily fixed by choosing a more opportune position with your camera.

Amputation is one of the most distracting elements within photograph and something that you must be aware about always. Spend an extra couple of seconds before you take your shot just to analyze the 4 walls of your photograph. If it doesn’t seem right consider changing your position or using your zoom to change the framing.

Other than that… Great work!