Re: Re: Assignment 7

Duncan Rawlinson

Undoubtedly your best assignment yet. Your flower in lesson 3 was also spectacular, but these two images are great. First of all, this assignment called for you to showcase your understanding of hard and soft lighting and you’ve done that perfectly. The bird photograph showcases the beauty of nice, natural, soft lighting, while the portrait showcases how you can artfully use harsh lighting to create a dramatic look to a portrait. Congratulations. Wonderful work.

But beyond the technical skills in these two photographs there are also many subtle artistic highlights. For starters the composition in both photographs are amazing. Both use informal balance to create appealing composition. On a similar note, you’ve left more room on the right side of the photograph (the way your objects are looking) which is also correct.

You’ve also limited the secondary objects and color spectrum of each photograph. The bird photograph is so beautiful, not only in substance, but also because it’s easy for the eye to wonder around. The branches act as “leading lines” into the photograph and then our eyes focus on the main object of the shot; the bird. Upon closer inspection the viewers can also find great texture in the bark and even notice the nice highlight of snow you’ve used. It’s a perfectly composed photograph.

The portrait is also stunning. You’re not at the lesson on black and white photography yet, but you’ll soon learn that great black and white photography comes through tonal range (not balance). This photograph is a low key photograph with perfectly executed white highlights. You have both ends of the tonal spectrum in this photograph and the result is breathtaking.

Two great photographs to highlight your understanding of lighting. Great work!