Re: Re: Assignment #7

Duncan Rawlinson

This is a great example for this lighting assignment.

Your first image of the inside of the restaurant is very well composed and has many very strong compositional elements to it. For starters, you’ve used the dramatic color palette of red and brown. The red hues have exaggerated saturation next to the other colors of the photograph which helps give the image a very lively and dramatic feel. Most impressively however, is your wide setting. It’s easy to use a limited color palette in macro photography but it’s much harder with braver, wider scenes. You’ve done a wonderful job of organizing this photograph.

You’ve also incorporated the illusion of 3 dimensions with your strong and strategic use of lines, shapes and depth. The chair in the foreground in the lower right corner acts as a leading line and draws the viewer’s eye into the photograph. The positioning of your objects also help create layers and depth (i.e. foreground, middle ground and background) which helps make our viewer feel like they are in the image. Otherwise, if all of your objects were in one layer your image would have risked being two dimensional and flat.

Your second image is equally impressive in its use of lines, shapes, color control and leading lines. The composition, the exposure and the subject placement also help strengthen this image.

The only issue I want to draw your attention to is the area when two different shades of white come together. You seem to have a great eye for making sure that your objects don’t interrupt one another. There is nothing distracting cutting into your objects and your photographs 4 walls are well organized. That being said, just as objects can interfere with one another, so can colors. What you’ve done isn’t wrong, but it’s important to be aware of for future assignments. Notice how the white of the place blends into the white of the place-mat. If you moved the plate over an inch or two to the right there would have been better object isolation since the place would have been fully surrounded in black. Always be very careful about how your images colors interact with each other.

Other than that this is wonderful assignment. Thank you for submitting this.