Re: Re: Assignment 7 lighting

Duncan Rawlinson

Wonderful photographs.

I enjoyed looking at both of these photographs next to each other because they are stylistically very similar. What I noticed (especially looking at them side by side), is that your color control is great.

Your first photograph has a very clear grey tone. The homes, the roads, the trees, the tiles and even the atmosphere share a similar color tone. This helps you organize your color and gives your photograph a very “earthy” and “foggy” feel to it. I’m especially impressed with the atmosphere of your first photograph. This just goes to show that you don’t need a sunny day to capture great photographs.

In your second photograph the same stylistic elements are there but you’ve accomplished a much different tone. The bright colors in the sky, the boats and the water lead to a very “summery” feel. Again, you’ve controlled the colors very well in this photograph allowing in predominantly blues and whites.

However, it’s not just your color control, but the complexity of the photographs that is most impressive. Both of these photographs are very well organized. Your composition is improving a lot.

From a technical standpoint you’ve accomplished exactly what was asked from you for this assignment. The lighting in each photograph shows your understanding of hard vs. soft lighting. Congratulations.