Re: Re: Assignment 7 – Lighting

Duncan Rawlinson

Interesting choice of images. They are not your usual hard / soft lighting settings. This assignment will be hard to critique because of the unusual nature of the photographs. However, I can shed some light on some things to take into consideration for next time.

The first image of the beatle is interesting because although it is predominantly covered by soft lighting, the flash did create a strong glare on the back of the Beatle. In this sense, the photograph doesn’t have uniform lighting. It’s both hard and soft. This isn’t wrong, you can use multiple types of lighting in each of your photographs. In fact, it’s fun to play around with altering lighting intensities from different light sources in the same photograph. My point being is that this is not a hard lighting photograph in the strictest sense of the term.

Your second image of the cloud is also interesting because it mixes both hard and soft lighting. Look on the edges of the cloud and notice that the orange highlights are actually being directly hit the sun. It’s only the internal parts of the could which are gently lit. Just because the light is a different color (in this case orange) that doesn’t mean that the lighting isn’t hard.

The more diffused a light source is the softer it will be. The more exposed the light source is the harder it will be. And as you’ve showed in your images, photographs can have both hard and soft lighting elements to them.

Again, interesting choice of shots. I look forward to seeing your next assignment.