Re: Re: assignment 7- photography lighting

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work.

Both of your hard lighting photographs are amazing and I love how you’ve showcased two different uses for hard lighting. In your first image the lighting acts as an object in and of itself. It creates shapes and provides a pattern for your composition.

In your second image, the hard lighting highlights the cheeks and forehead of your main object and generally speaking audience’s attention is drawn towards the most brightly lit area of a photograph. Therefore, in this example, you’ve used lighting to help draw your viewer’s attention to your main object.

I also really enjoyed the general composition, the texture and color control of each of these photographs.

In terms of your soft lighting photograph I prefer you’re your soft lighting #2 because I like the warmer tone to the image. However, both images could use some work on the composition. Notice how the torch is slanted in both images and interacts strangely with the frame of the photograph that it sits on. The amputation of the object looks awkward and unintentional and the balance of the shot is off. I would have liked to see either straighter lines or a more intentional use of angled lines.

Other than that, this is a great series of photographs. Keep up the great work.