Re: Re: Assignment 8

Duncan Rawlinson

Great theme for this assignment. I like how you’ve tied in the colors of the shoot to coordinate well. The golds and the browns are found in both the outfit and background. As you’ve already learnt, color theory is an important part of photography and color simplification and organization plays a large role in that.

My main concern with this photograph is that you didn’t experiment enough with your lighting. There is a harsh splash of lighting on the subjects forehead. The lighting in this photograph makes your object appear flat. Soft, overhead lighting or front lighting always has this effect. Try experimenting with side lighting, back lighting and also playing around with the lighting levels. I think the lighting could have been turned down in this photograph and moved to the side. This would have helped draw out the texture in the shot and would have helped eliminate harsh lighting.

Lighting is such an important part of photography. Arguably, one of the most important. You’re getting a good hand on composing each shot and you’re doing a great job with the technical elements, I just want to see you spend some time experimenting with ideal lighting for each scene.

Other than that… wonderful work. I definitely see progression in your work!