Re: Re: Assignment #8

Duncan Rawlinson

Fantastic work.

This is a very strong photograph. What initially caught my eye was the warm colors from the street lighting hitting the stone walls contrasted with the cool colors of the sky and outfits of the subject’s in the middle-ground.

The color organization of this photograph is spectacular. You’ve managed to use lighting to your advantage and simplify an otherwise chaotic scene.

What I like most about the image however is your angle. Because you’ve chosen to shoot on a slight angle you’ve included more of the wall on the right side of the frame. This walls helps you provide a sort of “leading line” that helps you draw your viewer’s attention into the photograph and direct them towards your main characters. The placement of the wall also helps give your image a sense of depth with a strong foreground, middle-ground and background.

Another interesting technical component of this photograph is the fact that most of the image is in strong focus and static. However, the subjects in the middle, because of their movement are slightly blurred. This adds a bit of a mysterious, ghostly feel to the image and gives the image a bit of a creative edge.

Overall, this is a great photograph. Keep up the good work.