Re: Re: Assignment 8 – Advanced Photography Composition

Duncan Rawlinson

Great photograph for this assignment.

Your main focus for this photograph was the use of textures, lines and colors. The series of benches start in the foreground and make their way through your middle ground and finish in your background. This sense of depth is really important for this specific photograph. Without the use of strong depth, this image may have been seen as “flat” or “boring”.

You’ve used the wood in the foreground to act as a “leading line” drawing your audience into the photograph from the bottom left corner and guiding their eye back towards the upper right corner.

What you’ve done isn’t wrong, but one thing I want you to consider is the use of a “stopper”. A stopper is the object or main area of interest at the end of a series of lines. In photography audiences will follow the direction of the lines and if their eyes have nothing to stop on their eyes may simply enter and then quickly exit the photograph.

For example look at the following image:

Notice how the snails act as a “stopper”.

Another example is this photograph

However, as I’ve said, what you’ve done isn’t wrong. It’s just important to be aware of the effects of deciding to use or not to use stoppers.

However, I do really enjoy your photograph. The composition is beautiful and well arranged. I love how the bottom of the bench is glossy and reflective, while the back of the bench is matte and highly textured.

You’ve also done a wonderful job of color simplification using predominantly gradients of brown with orange highlights.

Great work!