Re: Re: Assignment 8 – Composition

Duncan Rawlinson

Both of these photographs are very beautiful. You’ve done a great job with the composition of both shots. You mentioned that you didn’t “organize chaos”, however I think you have especially with your further back photograph. You have at least 30 feet of depth in that shot. And while it’s not a wide shot, it still shows your ability to simplify and arrange a photographic scene.

Let me begin by pointing out of the highlights of the photographs. For starters, in the color photograph you’ve managed to do to a great job of controlling the color pallet of the shot. You’ve only let us various shades of brown and some white highlights. This has a simplifying effect on the shot and makes it easy to look at and have our eyes wander around.

On a similar point, your black and white photograph has used a great tonal range which is necessary to help make black and white photographs appear less flat and more vibrant and alive.

Secondly, you have used very good objects in your shots and you’ve seemed to naturally organize the shot in a way that your secondary elements (the sand, the water etc) add to the scene of your photograph but your primary object (the bottle) is the obvious main element of the photograph. This is important because the eye is drawn towards the bottle because of the leading lines in the photograph. This gives the eye and are to rest. However, your secondary objects are also worth exploring because they are filled with texture and small details. For example, the sand seems as through it turns into more of a mud in the background. This helps keep the image interesting because your secondary elements are connected visually and stylistically and they also change without making the image look cluttered.

Great work.