Re: Re: assignment 8 creative composition


Thank you so much for the positive feedback. All of your suggestions were wonderful. I didn’t want to use photoshop to fix the things that you pointed out on the original submission. I did notice the problems with the photo and I wanted to improve on it as you suggested. I cropped the photo alittle closer to myself. I took out the telephone poles that were distracting, I evened out the tree line, and then I traced myself and selected the inverse. I did a Gaussian blur to help make the trees less of a focal point. Is this better? I want to give this picture to my husband and I would like it to be perfect. 😉 [attachment=0:3kndil50]_MG_5293 1.jpg[/attachment:3kndil50] I don’t want you to worry…I was very careful when I took this photo and I was in no danger except for the few “passerby’s” who wondered what I was doing… :o! I promise. I am a Grandma of 5 and I have a lot to live for… 😀