Re: Re: Assignment 8: Stage it!

Duncan Rawlinson

Hello. You’ve done a great job of this assignment. Let me start by talking about some of the technical highlights of this photograph.

As you’ve mentioned you’ve not experimented much with black and white photography. However, I must say that your tonal range is spectacular. The darks in this photograph are very black and the whites are very white. As you know, achieving a wide tonal range is one of the most important elements to black and white photography. If your photograph is made up an assortment of mid-tones (grays) the image will appear flat and lifeless. You’re image however, has such a wide range that the image is very high contrast and dramatic.

Your image is slightly skewed to favor the whites in this image, but the blacks are very pronounced and placed at visually interesting points in the photograph. For instance, I love how the main subject is dressed in black and he is shot against a dark background. This gives more of a “ghost-like” feel to the photograph. While his face is easily visible, his body blends into the dark door in the background.

You’ve also used a shutter speed that allows us to identify what the subject is. Too often with the long shutter speed shots, all detail is lost and the objects of interest become abstract blurs. In your photograph however, you’re achieved the blur look while still maintaining the important facial and body details in your object. Well done.